Saturday, February 13, 2010

The One About Oliver's Momma Having to Go Back to Work

So, three months have flown by and our little peanut is more like a peanut sized linebacker now at just over 14 lbs and just over 24 inches! He has learned to smile and hold his head up. He has developed a little giggle but is not quite belly laughing yet, although it's apparent already that he has a great sense of humor. He can sit up with help. He stares at everything wide eyed and you can see all the connections his active little brain is making as he takes it all in for processing. Our egos grow everyday as we walk into the room and his little face breaks into a big grin. He is the joy of our every waking moment and a lot of the sleeping ones as well. Unfortunately, I have to return to work next week and have two more days to focus just on Oliver which makes me very sad. But, since we like being able to pay the mortgage and eating, I am going. Rob is ready to engage full stay-at-home Daddy mode and after a rough start and experimenting with a few different bottle brands (bless you Tommee Tippee!) Oliver is getting used to alternating between nursing and the bottle he'll use with Daddy during the day. Above are some photos from the last few weeks. I can't believe how much Oliver has grown and hope I don't miss too much being away from him during the day. Is it too much to hope for that the big milestones will happen on my days off? Wish us luck!