Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ollie's Summer So Far...

Ollie here, reporting on my summer so far. It's been full of thrills and spills, including trips to the beach, the fair, picnics, and a few less than pleasant experiences like car sickness, banging my head on every hard surface I can find, and nursemaid's elbow (thankfully NOT a broken ulna). I have also discovered hilarious things like dancing while Daddy plays Guitar Hero and zerberting any place on Mommy that I can reach (she says I can't include pictures of this for some reason...go figure).
I have lots of trips this summer, so I thought I should get some of my latest pictures up before they become too much for Mommy to help me with!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ollie's Spring Doings

I went to swim class and Mom took pictures of me and Dad in the pool! While normally I love my pool time, for reasons I don't care to remember, I wasn't too happy this time. Luckily, Mom caught some "in between my frowny faces" pictures.

Then I took Mom and Dad to the National Crime Victims Rights Week events, but I'm so fast now they only managed one non-blurry picture of me, so I've thrown in a fun candid of me teaching Dad how to be the Purple-faced monster baby for good measure.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ollie's self-report

Here's a list of things I am doing. I must tell you these things because my Mommy cannot get herself together to blog about them and she may forget, because let's face it, I get more awesome and fun every day.
• I like to spin around. It is a really good time and you should try it. I usually fall down or crash into something afterward, but it is worth it.
• I like to try to walk backwards (see above about falling and crashing).
• I am trying to run. I tilt my little body forward and let it carry me faster and faster until oops, I'm on my face.
• Shoes are hard to walk in, but I'm improving. By the way, did I mention I learned to walk? This was mainly because I wanted to reach Aunt Jade more quickly.
• I like to run up and hug you and then run away so I can run up and hug you again, unless you are Daddy, and then I know you will try to capture me and I cleverly skirt around you.
• I am good at having my teeth brushed, however I look like a hillbilly anyway because I am taking iron supplements that turn my teeth black.
• I am very good at using a straw to drink out of cups.
• I can palm a cereal bowl, which freaks Mommy right out because it means my hands are getting so big.
• If I want someone to laugh at me I make my winkie or monkey faces.
• I like to hug other kids and/or use them to stand up.
• I like to slam doors even if I am stuck on the other side and can't open them back up.
• I am getting very good at listening when someone reads me a story.
• If you ask me where my nose is, I will show you my chin, or sometimes my tongue.
• I like to dip my face in water. I am indiscriminate about the water's source.
• I am almost 23 lbs and over 30 inches long.
• I have learned how to cover my own eyes for peekaboo and can wave (as featured at the end of Mommy's long and random video, to which there is a link below-Mommy says something about viewers ignoring the laundry that needs to be folded and the toys everywhere, but whatever).
• I had an ear infection that lasted through 3 rounds of antibiotics, but then I said enough's enough, and it went away.
• I had Mommy and Daddy rearrange my room. Okay, really Daddy did it, but Mommy planned it, and I provided supervision and ambiance.
• I discovered I am quite jealous if Mommy holds other babies, unless I can be down on the floor running around. But if I have to sit somewhere like a highchair and Mommy is going to hold a baby, it better be me (even if the babies are mad cute like my new friends Anni and Drew)!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The One That Has to Cover an Entire Quarter

Mommy has been extremely lax and has apparently confused the scheduling of her grantees' progress reports with my blog schedule. Therefore this will be an almost entirely picture post covering my playdates, my mad cruising skills, my Christmas activities, my visit to see the Johnsons in PA, and my fun time in the playroom at Beth Panza's birthday party!

I am doing lots of classes: swimming, music, and play & learn. I also survived a double ear infection and a haircut by Mommy!

Mommy promises to update the blog in a timely fashion after my 15-month check-up on Monday!

And as a grand finale, below is a brief video where I take my Dinosaur for a walk. Until I decide not to...