Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ollie's self-report

Here's a list of things I am doing. I must tell you these things because my Mommy cannot get herself together to blog about them and she may forget, because let's face it, I get more awesome and fun every day.
• I like to spin around. It is a really good time and you should try it. I usually fall down or crash into something afterward, but it is worth it.
• I like to try to walk backwards (see above about falling and crashing).
• I am trying to run. I tilt my little body forward and let it carry me faster and faster until oops, I'm on my face.
• Shoes are hard to walk in, but I'm improving. By the way, did I mention I learned to walk? This was mainly because I wanted to reach Aunt Jade more quickly.
• I like to run up and hug you and then run away so I can run up and hug you again, unless you are Daddy, and then I know you will try to capture me and I cleverly skirt around you.
• I am good at having my teeth brushed, however I look like a hillbilly anyway because I am taking iron supplements that turn my teeth black.
• I am very good at using a straw to drink out of cups.
• I can palm a cereal bowl, which freaks Mommy right out because it means my hands are getting so big.
• If I want someone to laugh at me I make my winkie or monkey faces.
• I like to hug other kids and/or use them to stand up.
• I like to slam doors even if I am stuck on the other side and can't open them back up.
• I am getting very good at listening when someone reads me a story.
• If you ask me where my nose is, I will show you my chin, or sometimes my tongue.
• I like to dip my face in water. I am indiscriminate about the water's source.
• I am almost 23 lbs and over 30 inches long.
• I have learned how to cover my own eyes for peekaboo and can wave (as featured at the end of Mommy's long and random video, to which there is a link below-Mommy says something about viewers ignoring the laundry that needs to be folded and the toys everywhere, but whatever).
• I had an ear infection that lasted through 3 rounds of antibiotics, but then I said enough's enough, and it went away.
• I had Mommy and Daddy rearrange my room. Okay, really Daddy did it, but Mommy planned it, and I provided supervision and ambiance.
• I discovered I am quite jealous if Mommy holds other babies, unless I can be down on the floor running around. But if I have to sit somewhere like a highchair and Mommy is going to hold a baby, it better be me (even if the babies are mad cute like my new friends Anni and Drew)!