Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The One About Oliver's Week 2

Rob's Bed and Chair at the Hospital...quite comfy actually! :)
Rob and Oliver sleeping in the nursery chair. One of Rob's favorite pics with his son!

Papa (Jasmine's Dad) meeting his first grandchild for the first time. But then, you could tell that from the picture...;)

The family has landed! The family has landed! Let the overflowing love ensue!

Jasmine and Oliver...self-portrait! Well done, cara mia! :)

Papa with Oliver after too much coffee...;)

Grammy Lou, Aunt Jade, and Papa Fran with Oliver.

Jasmine and Oliver unloading from the car upon first arrival home...sorry, these are obviously NOT in order! :)

Jasmine and Oliver. I don't know how Grammy Lou captured this light, but this is Rob's favorite pic of Mother and Child. :)

Oliver was born at 1:51pm EST. This is a picture out of his room of his VERY FIRST sunrise.

First time in the car seat. He is his Father's Son and he is his Father's Father's Son. Oliver loves the car! :)

This was a director's cut of his birth announcement. But now through the miracle of technology? You get to see it anyway! And keep an eye on your mailboxes for the real one! :)

Father and Son...sacked out...AGAIN!?!?!?!?

This is one week's worth of the Diaper Genie...it seemed appropriate to celebrate...;)

Oliver in his Pack and Play...currently serving as his crib in our bedroom. I think the anti-roll device looks like booster packs...not that he needs them...did you see the Diaper Genie picture above?

Sleeping again...this time on Aunt Jade's lap! :)

"Lammie" was a gift from Aunt Jade. He has become a critical part of Oliver's feeding time. Rumor has it an even larger one is coming via the North Pole. And oddly enough, one of the toys from my childhood that my Father recently restored to me was a fox hand puppet. The puppet's name? Foxy...go figure...

His eyes are lightening...hopefully not too much more. I like the deep darkness of them. When he was born? He had no whites! Very intense!

This may be his first smile that I captured...and no GAS jokes...please! ;)

First bath at home!


  1. Oh my, that picture of Jasmine's dad and baby Oliver brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful moment. Beautiful Baby!
    We have the supersized Lammie (we named him Chaz) and Lucy still loves him. He is the perfect size for her to sack out on during naptime (and room for Mommy to join her too!)

  2. Nothing but cuteness!!! I am especially pleased to learn that Jazz' special self-portrait taking arm also happens to be exactly the right length to capture Ollie at his best! (I think all our best AU pics were taken by that arm!)

    Can't wait to meet the lil guy!