Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The One That Has to Cover an Entire Quarter

Mommy has been extremely lax and has apparently confused the scheduling of her grantees' progress reports with my blog schedule. Therefore this will be an almost entirely picture post covering my playdates, my mad cruising skills, my Christmas activities, my visit to see the Johnsons in PA, and my fun time in the playroom at Beth Panza's birthday party!

I am doing lots of classes: swimming, music, and play & learn. I also survived a double ear infection and a haircut by Mommy!

Mommy promises to update the blog in a timely fashion after my 15-month check-up on Monday!

And as a grand finale, below is a brief video where I take my Dinosaur for a walk. Until I decide not to...

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  1. Pictures are good...real hugs are the best!