Monday, September 24, 2012

The One Where We Have to Recap May 2011-September 2012

So, here's what you missed Fobian Family fans (at least the ones who aren't on Facebook!)...

In late spring of 2011, we found out we were pregnant with #2! Carmella Louise Fobian was born February 25th, 2012 after throwing the brakes on any and all activities that were to take place from November to her birth by trying to come three months early. After a lengthy hospital stay by Mom, and continued bed rest until delivery, she was delivered, a happy, healthy, full-term baby girl!

Here's a quick summary of some of our fun activities. You will notice that Ollie magically goes from baby to little boy in the time a Ferrari goes from 0-60. Last July we hit Sesame Place with the Johnsons in PA.


In September we got to go to Florida with Aunt Jade, G-Ma, and Papa and we hit Disney and Universal for Harry Potter!


Just as we were getting ready to board a plane to Seattle for Thanksgiving and the birth of our lovely niece Cora Jane, I was sent to the hospital after my routine check-up. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars. After 1 1/2 months of scary baby growing bed-rest where they went from we have to take her out tonight to, oh wait, maybe the cultures aren't showing anything, I was sent home to spend the remainder of bed rest just before Christmas. Luckily my parents were still in town planning to travel back to Seattle with us and they were a bedrock of support during the time Rob was basically having to experience life as a single parent (on the upside, we now know he could do it if he had to!). Christmas was lots of loving relatives and friends crammed into our condo since I couldn't go anywhere! And it was still wonderful, but very, very different.


In February Carmella arrived, we eventually let my Mom go home, and I went back to work in May (luckily no one had forgotten who I was).


This July we hit Dutch Wonderland with the Johnsons and Ollie had a fabulous time on the rides! He is definitely a thrill seeker like his Dad, even trying the adult log flume with me after barely making the height requirement!


In September we went to Philly to see G-Ma and Papa and did the Adventure Aquarium, Please Touch Museum, and the Zoo. Then in the second week of September Ollie started preschool!


His vocabulary has skyrocketed and he's such a fun little boy. His best friend is Dumbo the Elephant. He is adept at iPad use, loves buses and cars and trucks and airplanes, loved watching the Olympics ("Ollie does that? Maybe someday!"), likes to show Carmella the ropes, and loves to dance to his "jams". He doesn't take more than one try to learn most things and loves everyone. He regularly asks to go see pretty much everyone he knows, as soon as he gets up in the morning. He describes things with multiple adjectives at a time--"wonderful, beautiful, spectacular, fantastic!". Carmella is showing all signs of becoming just as sociable a little person, with big grins and laughs around her drooly new teeth--and of course, her favorite entertainment is her big brother Ollie!

Hopefully we will do a better job of keeping up the blog from now on so the entries don't have to be quite as condensed. But at least we are back on the grid!

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