Saturday, April 17, 2010

My recent expotitions~by Ollie

I have really been getting around this week and I thought I would post pictures of some of my adventures! First I got to meet my Mommy's good friend from high school's daughter's roommate's cousin...oh wait, no, stop at daughter. Her name is Norah and once I woke up I liked her a lot. We had breakfast together then hung out in the parking lot for some photos with our goofy parents.

Then I went to my first NCVRW (National Crime Victims' Rights Week) prelude events with Mommy, and Daddy, and all my adoring fans, also known as Mommy's colleagues. They were pretty tickled I was there and I've been dubbed the "littlest victim advocate".

Today we were going to have a yard sale, but it was only 60 degrees, so Mommy and Daddy decided to postpone and then took me to the sunny, but windy and chilly, Reston Zoo. It is about as big as my bulding's back yard in the main part of the zoo, BUT they have a SAFARI! I got to ride in a wagon pulled by a tractor to see all kinds of big animals so here are some of my favorite photos from my ride. None are close to the animals, since Daddy shot those photos separately so those big beasties wouldn't mistake me for Ollie flavored feeding nuggets.

I am a busy little guy now that the weather is nice so I will keep you all updated on my adventures!

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