Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The One Where Ollie Discovers Grass...and His Feet

Time for another session of run-on sentences and pictures in backwards order...also known as a post by Jasmine.

So Easter Sunday was quiet for us. Ollie got an Easter basket from the Easter Bunny full of all the candy Mommy...um, I mean Ollie...likes. We try to go for a walk in the stroller every day, so we decided that Easter would be a good day to walk down to the park and introduce Ollie to grass. As a November baby he hasn't been able to get up close and touch much of the outside world until recent weeks when the Washington weather decided to go straight from blizzard to heatwave. He was pretty skeptical about the whole thing. He enjoyed his stroller ride, and was curious about what was in Mommy's hand, liked stomping it a bit with his feet, but would have no part of actually sitting in the prickley stuff! He preferred instead to observe it closely from the safety and relatively unprickley comfort of Mommy and Daddy's laps.
Cut to two days later, after our walk tonight. We were sitting cooling down before bedtime (it was 90 today) and Ollie decided to go cannibal since he hadn't been fed dinner yet and, according to Mommy's two month lack of a respectable haircut, going native was clearly the best avenue. Ollie is very drooly now and loooves to gum things. He can get his whole fist in his mouth and has kind of figured out one thumb at a time on occasion, but this evening discovered something even better. After an appetizer of Mommy's finger he realized "Hey, look these feet! I can put them in my mouth! Woo-hoo! Delicious. Won't I be surprised when these teeth finally come in and I give them a good chomp." Hopefully he won't start with Mommy again when that happens. :D

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